Pictures of Benson Mill, Utah
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Benson Mill built in 1854 - Restored 1980's

Millstone imported from france. - Breaks up grain and grinds it into flour.

Wheel driven by water from a spring-fed pond. - The head race discharges the water over the wheel.

Water is recycled

Booth/Davis Barn - built in 1875

Booth/Davis Barn - Constructed with two or three inch wooden pegs, no nails or bolts.

Bolinder Blacksmith Shop (late 1920's) - Building was moved from Grantsville (1987).

Miller's Cabin (1987) - Patterned after the original miller's home.

Andrew Barker Forsyth built this cabin in 1872.

Cabin built by Andrew Barker Forsyth for wife Emily Elizabeth Moss.

Pehrson/Gowans Building (ca. 1875) - The building was used as a granary and storage shed.

Logs cut in Canyons near Veron - Ross Gowans bought building in 1953.

Johnson Cabin - Originally built at 7th N Main, Tooele.

Exterior Kichen and living room additions completely surrounded the original cabin which was discovered in 1998.

Gollaher Barn (late 1860's--early 1870's) - Harris/Bolinder Sheep Camp.

Originally built at 343 N 50 W, Tooele.

Telegraph Car and Payroll Office (ca.1859) - Used on the Transcontinental Railroad route.

This portable unit moved along with the constuction of the railroad.

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