Caving (Spelunking)

Antelope Springs Cave
Baker Creek Cave
Basket Cave
Batty Pass Cave
Beware Cave
Black Crack Pit
Black Water Cave
Blowhole Cave
Blue Owl Cave
Blue Owl - Gold Mine
BLT Cave
Bobcat Cave
Big Brush Creek Cave
2nd Longest (4.92 miles)
Boomerang Cave
Cave of Appeasement
Chert Valley Cave
Chutes and Ladders Cave
Cobweb Cave
Crystal Ball Cave
Dan Clyde Cave
Danger Cave
40.751864 N 114.01582W
Deadmans Cave
Deer Skull Cave
Devils Den
Discovery Cave
Duck Creek Ice Cave
Dutchmans Cave
Eldel Cave
False Kiva
Fenceline Cave
First Wife Cave
Flashlight Pit
Flashmans Cave
Gamble Cave
Garner Cave
GEM Cave
Glory Hole    
Gollums Cave
Grandy Mountain Cave
Grand Wash Cave
Green Eyed Monster Cave
Grasshopper Cave
Guano Abyss    
Heavens Gate
Hobo Hideout Cave
Hogup Cave
Horse Cave
Hourglass Cave
Indian Burial Cave
Interstate Caves
Jem Hill Cave
Johnson Canyon Caves    
Juke Box Cave
Lazy River Cave
Lehman Cave (NV)
Little Brush Creek Cave Longest (5.93 miles)  
Little Muddy Cave
Logan Cave
Lost Pit
Lucifers Lair
Main Drain Cave
Deepest (1,227')
Mammoth Lava Tubes
Minnetonka Cave (ID)
Monte Carlo Cave
Montezuma Mines Caves
37.214N 112.347W
Moqui Caverns
37.1165N 112.5605W
Mortuit Cave
Mouse Trap Cave
Muddy Bones Fissure    
M-T Pit
Neffs Cave
Nielsons Cave
North Fork Cave
North Funhouse Cave
North Madhouse Cave
Nutty Putty Cave
40.09548N 112.03659W
Oak City Cave
October Gyp Cave
Parks Ranch Cave
Pink Lime Cave
40.07288N 112.12982W
Piquiqunah Cave
Polje Cave
Polygamy Cave
Premonition Cave
Professor Buss Cave
Prospect Cave
Providence Cave
Rattlesnake Cave
Red Baron Cave
Resort Cave
Ricks Springs
Ringtail Caverns
Roadside Cave
Rock Springs Cave
Saffordite Cave
Scottish Trap Cave
Silly Putty Cave
40.08674N 112.012825W
Skin and Bones Cave
Slice In The Rock Cave
Snake Creek Cave
Snow Canyon Lava Cave 2
37.2203N 113.64885W
Snow Canyon Lava Cave 4
Snow Canyon Lava Cave 5
Snowcone Cave
South Funhouse Cave
Spanish Moss Cave
Springville Cave
Squirrel Springs Cave
Stoneplug Cave
Surveyors Cave
Systems Key Cave
Tabernacle Hill Lava Tubes
Tea Cup Cave
40.43916 -111.70805
Toothbrush Cave
Tri-At Cave
Upper Cave
Whipple Cave
Wiggles-Corner Post Caves
Wolverine Mine Cave
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