Utah Lakes and Reservoirs
Note: Some of Utah's most picturesque lakes are located in very
remote areas, are only accessible on foot and can take days
to hike into. Always make sure you are prepared in every
way with sufficient food, clothing, medical, shelter,
water purification, and etc., before venturing
into these areas. A good topographical
map and up-to-the-minute weather
information are a must. Cellular
phones may not work in all
areas of the state.
See Guidelines and Restrictions
Lakes by Alphabet
Lake or Reservoir
Nearby Towns
Rabbit Spring Reservoir
Rainbow Lake
Range Lake
Ranger Pasture Lake
Rassmussen Lakes
Ratt Lake
Reader Lakes
Reconnaissance Lake
Red Butte Reservoir
Red Castle Lake
Red Cliff Lake
Red Cove Reservoir
Red Lake
Red Pine Lake
Ridge Lake
Rim Lake
Roberts Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Lakes
Rocky Ford Res.
Rock Point Reservoir
Rosalie Lake
Rose Ranch Res.
Rosebud Ranch Res.
Round Lake
Round Willow Bottom Res.
Roundy Res.
Row Lakes
Rudolph Lake

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