History of North Logan, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia. (Links Added)

North Logan is located in Cache County and adjoins Logan to the south. It is located at the mouth of Green Canyon and is built eastward to the foothills. It commands a far-reaching panorama of Cache Valley.

In 1878 Ralph Smith, a resident of Logan, along with his son Thomas, as well as Hyrum Maughan and Julius Johnson, filed for homestead land on what was a dry sagebrush field. They tilled the land, farmed it, and hauled their produce back to Logan. Smith finished construction of a home in 1884 and by 1890 eight additional families resided in the village, which was named Greenville because of the trees planted along the roadsides. However, it was found that another town in Utah was named Greenville, so to avoid confusion the name of the town was changed to North Logan. In 1898 twenty families lived in North Logan. Most early North Logan residents were from Scandinavian countries, the British Isles, and Switzerland.

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