History of Richmond, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia. (Links Added)

Richmond is located fourteen miles north of Logan in Cache County . In July of 1859 Agrippa Cooper camped at Bowers Springs on the southwest boundary of Richmond with his wife and son. Additional families settled in the area during the autumn of that year; they included John Bair, William H. Lewis, Francis Stewart, and Robert D. Petty. A total of seventeen families spent the winter in the area. An influx of new settlers arrived in the spring of 1860 and the land was planted and roads were built. Ditches were dug to obtain water from Cherry Creek, and a dam was built across City Creek for irrigation purposes.

Brigham Young visited Richmond in 1860 and advised the settlers to move closer together for protection, in case of an Indian raid. A fort was built at present Center Street. In 1861 Richmond was surveyed by Jessie Fox, the territorial surveyor, and property assigned. One hundred four claims were made for land after the townsite was laid out.

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